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13 All-Star Speech Therapy Games

Do you love turning regular games into speech therapy machines? Ok, maybe just me. Is your home overcrowded with games that just aren't doing it? Get rid of the clutter and read on for the top 13 games I'm using to target all the goals!

I love games! The kids love games. My speech room was filled (to the brim) with games up until last week. After removing the duds, I was left with the all-stars and wanted to share! These games can be used for several goals, are easy to store, and (most) can be used across age ranges.

Read on to see the 13 games my kiddos are always happy to play! Games are listed in no particular order.

(Disclosure: The links provided are affiliate links through which I am paid a small commission. however, I own and LOVE these games! I only recommend items I personally use.)

The one-sentence gist: Wake up queens and earn the most points to win!

Target goals: Processing, memory, articulation (/s/-blends, /z/, /k/-blends)

Considerations: Adding various numbers to a sum of 10, remembering several rules at a time

Why I like it: It's a small, kid-friendly card game that can be used to target many skills. I've added a rule to complete 10-20 artic trials each time a queen wakes up or goes to sleep!

Get your own Sleeping Queens game here!

The one-sentence gist: Race to make your cone exactly as the customer (i.e. card) specifies, without dropping any gelato!

Target goals: Processing, executive functions (e.g. planning, sequencing), expressive language (e.g. giving directions)

Considerations: Fine/gross motor control, ability to sequence actions

Why I like it: Go Gelato is another top-requested game in my therapy room! It's easy to bump the game up or down in difficulty to match your student's needs. For example, I may take turns being a customer or "scooper" and work only on the symbolic play, or I may string two cards together for a longer race!

Get your own Go Gelato game here!

The one-sentence gist: A cooperative game where you choose to unveil suspects or clues each turn to determine who the thief is!

Target goals: "WH" questions, "Yes/no" questions, reasoning, articulation (e.g. /ks/, /s/ blends)

Considerations: Deductive reasoning skills or understanding of the word "not"

Why I like it: Another all-star! I use this ALL THE TIME. My kiddos love working together to figure out who the "bad guy" is. It's great for language, artic, and higher-order skills!

Get Outfoxed here!

The one-sentence gist: Build and place moose in your opponent's houses. The person with the fewest moose in their house wins!

Target goals: Articulation (e.g. /s/, /m/, "th"), "WH" questions (e.g. "Where did you put the moose?"), higher-order skills (e.g. planning, remembering several rules)

Considerations: Remembering several rules at a time

Why I like it: Just like Sleeping Queens, I can alter the rules to get a TON of work done. For example, each time a moose trap is played, we do 10 articulation words or 10 synonym pairs.

Get Moose in the House here!

The one-sentence gist: Your childhood favorite used for following directions!

Target goals: Following directions, processing, and executive functions, sustained attention

Considerations: This game moves fast! Use it for a fun warm-up or during a working "break"!

Why I like it: The kids get hooked on bop it! It's a more informal way to target following directions and can be used during quick breaks while still targeting goals.

Get your own Bop It here!

The one-sentence gist: A wooden board that wobbles.

Target goals: Anything and everything!!

Considerations: Coordination

Why I like it: You can get so many trials on this thing! Great for moving our bodies or to distract (from actual speech work or when working on processing skills)!

Get the wobble board here!

The one-sentence gist: A cooperative game where players work together to get all the mermaids to their

island before the sea witch.

Target goals: Articulation (/s/, /m/, "ch", any other sound you want to throw in!), turn-taking

Considerations: Appropriate for preK and early school-aged populations, the game ends quickly

Why I like it: This is a no-fuss board game that moves quickly and almost always is a happy introduction to speech games. I use this during treatment and assessments!

You can buy Mermaid Island here!

The one-sentence gist: Similar to Mermaid Island, players work together to get the dinosaurs to the island before the volcano explodes!

Target goals: Turn-taking, articulation (/s/), 3-syllable words, past-tense "ed"

Considerations: Appropriate for preK and early school-aged populations

Why I like it: My dinosaur fanatics LOVE this game. I love that we can target several goals all the while maintaining the child's interest in the game!

Get Dinosaur Escape here!

The one-sentence gist: Spin the spinner to collect all the items to make your very own (pretend) cupcake.

Target goals: Turn-taking, articulation (/k/, /s/-blends,), carrier phrases, past tense "ed", pretend play

Considerations: The cupcakes are 2-dimensional, which makes it harder for some pretend play.

Why I like it: This game is portable and packs a punch. It's another great option for pretend play with increased difficulty.

Buy Cupcake Game here!

The one-sentence gist: Roll the dice and feed the pig 1-4 hamburgers (or "cookies" if you're working on /k/ or CVCV words) to make his belly pop!

Target goals: Articulation (/p/, /k/, /f/), carrier phrases (e.g. "eat the ___"), motor speech, following directions

Considerations: My pig's arm fell off after a few months of heavy use, so be careful when popping his tummy back in.

Why I like it: It's a great cause-and-effect toy that keeps the kids on their toes!

Get your own Pop the Pig here!

The one-sentence gist: For every kiddo who loves animals or those working on their first sounds!

Target goals: Motor speech, articulation, play, prepositions, expressive and receptive language

Considerations: Appropriate for preK, EI, and kiddos working on play skills

Why I like it: I get so much dialogue with the animals! This one set gets after so many goals and is always a hit!

Find your own farm animal set here!

It's helpful having extra animals around to get after all those sounds! Here's a set similar to the one I use!

The one-sentence gist: A plain-old do-it-yourself train set with train cars

Target goals: Pragmatics (asking for help, taking turns, creating play stories), motor speech, articulation, language, prepositions

Considerations: The set is heavy, however, I've brought it to home visits and it's been worth the hull.

Why I like it: You can build it any way you like and get a TON of requests out of that alone. This is an all-in-one speech machine!

Get your train set here!

The one-sentence gist: The coolest toy you'll have in your room.

Target goals: Pragmatics, motor speech, articulation, expressive and receptive language

Considerations: Appropriate for PreK and EI kiddos who don't put things in their mouths!

Why I like it: The kiddos never seem to get bored of the rocket ship! I love the rover and people you can manipulate to create bigger play schemes. This is a big hit at our office and during home visits!

Get your very own rocket ship here!

Do you have any favorite games in your home? Comment below with yours!

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